Life in this world.

A flaky cease-fire, the threat of an incompetent President in the epicenter of capitalism, nuclear testing, religious extremism, millions of people far from home, bombings, human trafficking, brexit, peace treaties with guerrillas, melting ice caps, activists, hackers, international organizations, and intelligence agencies. 

We live in a world that is full. We have so much that we resort to throwing away what we’ve got in order to buy new things. Life comes wrapped in dollar bills. We exist solely on the opinion of those around us but mostly of those on social media who we don’t even know.

People in power play Russian roulette and fight their private battles, but the ones who pay the price are always the people. We have pushed ourselves to the edge, we are to blame for the resurface of xenophobic conservatism as well as terrorism, for the opulence of the rich and the misery of the poor, for the extinction of species and climate change.

Humanity is (not so) slowly murdering itself. I don’t want to see the end, I don’t wish to bring a new human to life if what I leave behind me is mere destruction. My words have already been said, my thoughts already thought, but my life is yet to be lived.

I pledge guilty in the name of the world’s population and all I will ever want is to make this home a little sweeter for you, me and those to come.


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