United States of Trump.

Against polls, the media, the voices of celebrities and even members of his own party, Donald Trump has become President-elect of the United States of America. This year has proven that political scientists and analysts have become part of a different kind of congregation, one whose divinity is embodied by polls and mega data. Brexit, the Colombian peace treaty, and now the results of “the leader of the free world”‘s election. Why did almost nobody predict what happened? 

There must be something that we are failing to see or comprehend about today’s society. If the elder portion of the population decides the future of younger generations, then the road towards fairness and equality becomes much more strenuous. Furthermore, it is possible that a feeling of uncertainty and complete fear of what is to come in the near future has blinded the people who hold on to whatever makes them feel somewhat safe. However, it is clear that said feelings are not constrained by national borders as Europe witnesses the rise of Mme Le Pen and Alternative for Germany at the expense (or as a result) of the ever-decreasing popularity of the heads of State.

In regards to last Tuesday’s election, the result does not only affect Americans, but the entire world. The international scene remains unchanged for the time being but it is highly unlikely the fragile balance will last much longer. Despite the fact that Donald Trump’s campaign has been full of sexism, homophobia, xenofobia and overall discrimination, it is likely that the purpose was only to say what the people wanted to hear and therefore, his government will not stick to every promise that has been made. Although he will be pressured by society, it is still unclear what will happen with the Republican majorities in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. Moreover, his Chief of Staff, most probably Stephen K. Bannon, will be a key figure during the next four years.

Summing up, I believe that Trump is just a character built to get to the White House and that his team will hold most of the power. It is still probable that Donald will not be as manageable as they might think and then the world will be hanging off a cliff.



Photo credit: Pete Souza

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