The world has always known misery and death. They are both profitable and functional to society.

The shoes you wear hold the sweat of other people, the food you eat holds the bent back of other men and women, and the roof over your head holds the work of those who came before you. 

Ungrateful, you read this while people are being slaughtered as they cry out for help and others are hostages of their own governments. We have reached the point where we are not safe even within our own borders, we are in danger at home. Furthermore, compassion has proven to be futile. Who cares if a celebrity thinks about my people when I’m under fire?

Now we are accomplices, we are guilty of silence, guilty of looking the other way when goose bumps invade our skin. So if you can, donate to whichever organization stands for your values. If you are able, get out there and say something.

The international community keeps failing humankind and that is why each of us must create change. Governments are a reflection of each nation’s people; if you disagree with them, find other ways to contribute. Never stay still, either the world will rise around you while you linger on the margins, or it will come down crumbling. Wether you care about the environment or other people or animals, you are responsible for the mark you leave on this world. Make it great.


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