UK: General Election 2017

Last year and following Brexit, David Cameron resigned and Theresa May became Prime Minister with promises of not calling for an early election. However, two months ago she triggered Article 50 and by doing so, the UK’s withdrawal of the European Union began. Two weeks later, she dismissed her aforementioned promises and called for an early general election (3 years earlier than planned). Now, after the terror attack at Manchester Arena on May 22nd, yesterday’s BBC Question Time Leaders Live program, and the Champions League Final just won by Real Madrid in Cardiff, a rather traditional campaign is reaching its end. The British Labour and Conservative parties are, once again, at the top of the polls, followed far behind by the LibDems and Ukip. All aim to win the most of a total of 650 seats and therefore have control behind the black door numbered 10 on Downing Street. Continue reading “UK: General Election 2017”


Elecciones en Francia.

Después de una peleada primera vuelta de votación el 23 de abril, sólo quedan dos días para que el futuro de Europa cambie. Para la noche del domingo próximo, Marine Le Pen o Émmanuel Macron se habrán consagrado victoriosos en la segunda vuelta de las elecciones presidenciales francesas. Sin embargo, ninguno de los dos ha alcanzado este estadío indemne.  Continue reading “Elecciones en Francia.”