Aproximaciones a la política latinoamericana 1990 – 2017

La política latinoamericana ha experimentado numerosas y profundas transformaciones en las últimas décadas. Sin embargo, los análisis sobre el escenario en la región presentan diferencias importantes. Para algunos analistas, en América Latina el populismo es endémico, los presidentes fuertes imponen sus agendas políticas, los partidos políticos son débiles tanto en el plano organizativo como en las arenas de gobierno y electoral. Para otros, en cambio, la región ha logrado importantes avances en materia de estabilidad política, de competencia y alternancia entre partidos de diferente orientación y hasta de reconfiguración de los poderes presidenciales.* Continue reading “Aproximaciones a la política latinoamericana 1990 – 2017”


UK: General Election 2017

Last year and following Brexit, David Cameron resigned and Theresa May became Prime Minister with promises of not calling for an early election. However, two months ago she triggered Article 50 and by doing so, the UK’s withdrawal of the European Union began. Two weeks later, she dismissed her aforementioned promises and called for an early general election (3 years earlier than planned). Now, after the terror attack at Manchester Arena on May 22nd, yesterday’s BBC Question Time Leaders Live program, and the Champions League Final just won by Real Madrid in Cardiff, a rather traditional campaign is reaching its end. The British Labour and Conservatory parties are, once again, at the top of the polls, followed far behind by the LibDems and Ukip. All aim to win the most of a total of 650 seats and therefore have control behind the black door numbered 10 on Downing Street. Continue reading “UK: General Election 2017”

United States of Trump.

Against polls, the media, the voices of celebrities and even members of his own party, Donald Trump has become President-elect of the United States of America. This year has proven that political scientists and analysts have become part of a different kind of congregation, one whose divinity is embodied by polls and mega data. Brexit, the Colombian peace treaty, and now the results of “the leader of the free world”‘s election. Why did almost nobody predict what happened?  Continue reading “United States of Trump.”